Canal and Tunnel Repair Updates and Info:

The District staff and workers have been working non-stop since the incident to restore water deliveries. An additional public meeting shall be scheduled in the upcoming weeks for a full project overview. Visit our Facebook page for pictures and additional info - all updates will be posted here beginning 8/1 and then every Tuesday after that.  

Weekly Update 8/13
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Canal Repair and Restoration Project

The bank sides of the Fort Laramie Canal have been rebuilt up to a final target height of 15-20 feet. The canal is considered almost complete, with final and finishing dirt work happening this week. This project utilized five bulldozers, three graders, two scrapers, three compactors and forty dump trucks of hardpan. Five-hundred yards of canal bank were repaired.

Tunnel Repairs

Last week, the tunnel crew secured the tunnel to approximately 625 feet from the entrance. After excavating and removing nearly 500 cubic yards of dirt and debris from the first sinkhole, the crew has progressed ahead to the second sinkhole located 675 feet inside the tunnel. The tunnel is also being secured above with additional grouting to stabilize the ceiling. Nearly 200 yards of grout has been used in this project. Until a majority of this dirt and debris is removed, the full extent of the damage to the tunnel still remains unknown.

Sinkhole Excavation and Stability Efforts

The excavation crew is in the process of installing large trench boxes to surround the collapsed tunnel ceiling from above. Once completed, the above ground crew will begin to analyze the tunnel for safety and stability.

The emergency repairs continue and landowners will be notified once any information is known. Any official tunnel updates and notifications will be released via GID’s Facebook and website,

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