**Notice of Water Shutoff on Sept. 10th **
 GID announces that the water will be turned out beginning Sept. 10th at 6am. Please monitor wells, pivots and irrigation systems accordingly. Water levels will drop rapidly.  Please plan to flush your pipes, pivots and equipment in plenty of time of the turnout - contact GID with any questions! 

GID Notice Regarding Property Sales within the District

When any land within the District is sold by a landowner and title passes to the purchaser, the shares 
of stock owned by the seller pass to the new owner automatically. The District assessment should be prorated at the time of closing. Whenever any landowner of this District conveys, whether  by contract for deed or by sale, any lands under the Goshen Irrigation District Project, to which there is attached a water right served by this District, the landowner and purchaser shall immediately notify the District office of such conveyance and provide the legal description of the lands and acres so conveyed together with the name and address of the person to whom future assessments shall be sent. Until such information is provided, the District will continue to charge assessments to the landowner of record.

Note: *Title companies do not guarantee water rights please contact the district with any questions. It is responsibility of the Seller to see that all paperwork has been received by the District

“2021 Water Assessments will be sent out the end of August please contact the office if you have sold or purchased land within the District.”

Submitted by Linda S. Keeran, Secretary, Goshen Irrigation District


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GID Has New Email Address
GID has changed its email to GoshenIrr@embarqmail.com  - make sure to add the new address to your safe sender list!


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